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The Soccer Ball is More Than a Ball
Soccer is the most loved ball game in the world. Let’s get to the end of that sentence. This simply means that the ball is an essential component in getting the game started. The ball is essential for any game to begin. If you want to play soccer, a soccer ball is essential. It would be difficult to play the game without it. This alone makes it the most essential game gear.

The structure and function of the soccer ball have changed significantly over the many centuries it has been played as a sport. A soccer ball was actually created using a bladder from a pig. The bladder’s shape and the level of evenness determine the ball’s quality. Charles Goodyear, who was also responsible for the creation of tires, introduced the rubber ball. This was the turning point in ball development. The rubber bladder core is a key component of the ball’s overall structure.

The soccer ball has advanced exponentially over the years. The bladder is still made of rubber but this rubber has been hardened over time for greater durability. These cores were covered with different materials over time to ensure that they were evenly weighed and uniform in weight. The ball covers also improved with time, providing greater damping and durability. FIFA, the world’s governing soccer body, eventually mandated standardization of all ball specifications to avoid discrepancies among games. spbo live score

The introduction of synthetic covers that absorb less water made the soccer ball even more improved. Buckminster balls, which are the most well-known football silhouettes, have hexagons and pentagons at the edges. Adidas has been the official producer for the World Cup game balls since the 1970 World Cup. The 1970 Telstar was a ball that looks a lot like the Buckminster. Its design has been updated every four years with new balls aiming to improve flight accuracy, ball feel, durability and speed.

You might find yourself looking at the soccer ball differently after reading this story. The ball is a product of constant evolution, and in many ways it is still evolving. It is not only a necessary tool to start the game but also reflects the growth of the game.


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